Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family News

Lisa has a new job. She is an "Admin" as I call it or an administrative assistant. She is also working for a rival company. (Insider trading...) She is working for Stewart-Peery Construction out of The Ham. Everyone loves her there except some of the PM's. They feel threatened by her because she knows more than they do. Ha ha. She likes what she is doing and that is what counts.

Noah is liking school. He has gotten to be quite the conversationalist. BREAKING NEWS!!! Noah is now potty trained. I knew he could do it, but he would look at you with that look of I will do this on my own time.

Noah and I also went on a Daddy-Son outing last night. We went to watch the Birmingham Barons play against the Montgomery Biscuits. (You gotta love minor league names. Nothing is better than Macon Whoppy.) He loved it. Towards the end of the game, we sat down on the front row. We also got to see the fireworks display. He loved that. What made my night was walking up to the stadium, he said, "Daddy, I am excited." Now if I can just get him to sit down and watch sports on TV with me!


nat & ben said...

opening weekend is coming up you got your chance on saturday night ABC Tennessee vs. Cal... Go UT..

Linda Love said...

Way to go Noah!!!!!

Nana wants to come see him again soon. Maybe Ben and I will come down after he gets here. He has two weeks to wait before Natalie arrives. Can't interview for jobs on the weekend.

I am glad Lisa like her job. It sounds perfect for her.

Shannon Hairr said...

YAY Noah!!

Smith1230 said...

ok I'm behind since I didn't know your website changed. Awesome NOAH!