Monday, November 12, 2007

OK...I've posted!

Has it really been two months since I have been on here?

UPDATE: (like it is an update on one of those shows that talks about "Where are they now!")

Ichi (1) I need more people to speak Japanese with because my skills are "wazui deso yoo." I'm not translating that. You will just have to learn.

Ni (2) Lisa has been laying down on the job again and after only working for a couple of months and not even get to her 90 day review, was given a promotion to assistant controller. I think she is getting use to the rush now. She's doing a great job and it's obvious that the company likes what she does.

San (3) Are the 49ers really that bad? Oh for the days of glory...the Young years.

Shi (4) Noah is a trip. He has to mix all his playdoh into a montage of color. Why? So he can take his scissors and cut them into little pieces. He places them onto poker chips. You ask what he is doing...he is making cup cakes. The cup cakes are a little crunchy but they look cool!

Go (5) I'll try to upload some pics and video soon. I think my job will slow down soon, hopefully, one day, in the near future, on this side of the next millinium.


nat & ben said...

Yeh!! we got an update. Oh! there was no translation for "wazui deso yoo". Look forward to seeing youguys at thanksgiving.

Andrew said...

1- Keine √úbersetzung??! Dann werde ich auch keine √úbersetzung geben.

2- Congrats Lisa!

3- Yes, Monday night againts the Seahawks was depressing.

4- Yeah for playdough.

Linda Love said...

Thanks for the update. You are our main "out-of-towner" to keep up with by blog now, so it is good to see a new posting. Heather is still technically out of town, but she and Ben are here so much we can keep up with them in person. I don't know if you were aware, but they are both here to sleep one or two times a week while they are working up here. Ben has two or three more weeks of training (8-5, M-F) before he goes on the regular schedule (24 on, 48 off). Heather is often working Sunday and Monday night at Baptist Hosp. Sleep Center, so she crashes here between the two nights.

Love the Japanese... Maybe you could come to Messiah rehearsals and find a foreign language buddy like Andrew did last year. (Wonder if that guy moved. I don't think he's been there this year.) Or maybe you and Andrew could talk to each other. Neither of you would know what the other said, but you'd get some practice.... :) ....maybe not.

Go Noah. Could be the family creativity coming out with the playdough. I am sooooo anxious to see him.

Smith1230 said...


1. I would speak it with you if I knew what to say...but otherwise I would just be making it up...haha that might actually be funny for Whose Line is it Anyway...or something..

2. Awesome...Go Lisa!

3. 49ers who?? haha

4. ahh the days when I used to play with playdough...

Shannon Hairr said...

Yay, an update. Thought you fell off the face of the earth!! ;)